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South Korea works to repair the damage caused by North Korean hackers who have stolen plans warfare developed with the help of the United States, as well as a vast cache of other data, from the South Korean military computer network last year

a plan of "decapitation" to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, if war breaks out, according to South Korean lawmaker who confirmed the piracy.

Separately, Australia revealed that one of its subcontractors had lost a "significant amount of data" in a breach last year, but offered a few other details. ] around the world try to determine whether they used inferior quality materials Kob

The company's shares, pillar of the Japanese economy, plunged more than 20 percent after the officials, above, admitted that the data on the quality of

And a Japanese court ordered the government and the Tepco power company to pay damages of approximately $ 4.4 million to approximately 2,900 residents for

The wine country of California is wrapped in smoke, while 17 forest fires continue

nde in search of a playground. ondent visited a ravaged community in Santa Rosa where "everything was cremated". Here is an overview of destructions on photos and maps. But he immediately suspended the statement to allow the "dialogue" with the central government in Madrid

President Trump intensified his personal attacks on Senator Bob Corker, this time ridiculing the powerful Republican for his size with the scornful nickname "Liddle Bob."

Mr. Trump also accused the Times of deceiving Mr. Corker by saying that the president was unwise and could stumble in a nuclear war. Here is the truth about this interview.

Mr. Trump met with Henry Kissinger, before a scheduled lunch with State Secretary Rex Tillerson, whose information he appeared to question in a magazine interview.

Accusations are accumulating against the American producer Harvey Weinstein. Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie said that he had sexually harassed them years ago. Above, Ms. Paltrow, top left, and other actresses who came forward.

"I was supposed to keep the secret," said Mrs. Paltrow, describing advances in a hotel room. ] ] the head of the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, is on mission: to use its Vision Fund of 100 billion dollars to acquire coins of all societies that underpin the global changes brought about by artificial intelligence to transportation, food, work, medicine and finance

South Korean shipbuilders and its affiliates dismissed more than 35,000 workers during the first half of the year, In the News

• Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the leader of North Korea, had about 1.4 times the lethal dose of VX nervous agent on his face after he was attacked, according to testimony from a Malaysian government chemist. Above, one of the two women on trial. • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkish officials would boycott the US ambassador to Ankara, deepening a diplomatic dispute.

• In Japan, opposition leaders took photos of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's policy as the election campaign began, Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, would not run.

• Carrie Lam, the new leader of Hong Kong today pronounces her first great political speech. It is short, to allow more time for questions.

• Tony Abbott "left the domain of the mere destructor and entered the loopy domain": a Labor official captured the essence of widespread criticism of the former prime minister to suggest that climate change "could be beneficial" [The Guardian]

A smarter life

39; inside? Check your phone to see how this couch could look out there.

Add to my selection Add to my selection Add to my selection Add to my selection Price: Iceberg can also work on grilled asparagus. • Tokyo has invested $ 2 billion in an anti-flooding system with underground cavernous tanks above, designed to defend against the exceptional weather triggered by climate change. "We are preparing for the floods beyond all that we have seen," said the head of the system. "So far, at least, we have had success."

• The North Korean embassies in 40 countries have to fend for themselves – Pyongyang does not finance them.

• And the Boeing 747 known as "Queen of Heaven," changed the history of aviation. In today 's 360 video, a pilot explains how he fell in love with the plane, which some companies are retiring from.

Back Story

When Hinda Miller started jogging in 1977, she found herself in a delicate situation – the race was great, but what about the bounce factor?

Her friend Lisa Lindahl was asking the same question. So they bought bras, ripped them and went to work to find the perfect support system.

The breasts do not move up and down when a woman runs.

The sports bra, or Jogbra as it was originally known, is 40 years old this year.

The sports bras remained largely out of the public eye until the Women's World Cup in 1999. But after Brandi Chastain scored the decisive penalty to give United States victory over China, she fell in jubilation and whipped up her sweater, up, revealing her black sports bra.

Ms. Miller later described the indelible scene, in which her invention played a role: "I saw the exuberance of being there, confident and cheerful and totally committed and not ashamed of your body, a body of strength and athletics:. Accept me for what I am. "

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] 10 October 2017

An earlier version of this briefing has been mislabelled the name of the executive of Hong Kong. She is Carrie Lam, no lamb

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