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remote textile factory in the East of the North Korea


The new discovery of the UDMH, the specialized fuel that allowed the launch of long-range missiles. comes from US researchers who have used satellite imagery, a technical analysis of fuel production methods, information from a North Korean official who defected, and a set of obscure technical documents from Korea

Wilbur Ross, the US Secretary of Commerce, lamented the "unbalanced" trade relations with China, after finishing his own meetings with senior officials in Beijing before a US trade mission

Speaking in Hong Kong, he said the discussions had revolved around trade imbalances and investment, intellectual property and customs duties. His criticism of China as "one of the most protectionist countries in the world" is that the US imposed new tariffs on Bombardier, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer

In the United States , Mr. Trump unveiled a tax plan that would reduce rates for individuals and corporations and reduce deductions and exemptions – while leaving most of the most difficult decisions to be negotiated by deeply divided Republicans in Congress

China's repressive measures that began last month after a 23-year-old graduate was found dead in Tianjin, the government warned that programs are spreading faster and growing.

For the authorities, a major concern is the intense loyalty that some groups inspire, which could threaten the Communist Party's hold over society.

• Western Australia is plagued by a methamphetamine outbreak, fueled by the wages of the bored and isolated masses of men attracted to the booming mining mines

The increasing use of methamphetamine crystals, stronger and more addictive, resulted in a sharp increase in deaths. The state has responded with a reinforced ban and increased prison sentences, but also by rehabilitation programs, such as the one in Perth

• Yingluck Shinawatra, former prime minister, may appeal the five-year prison sentence handed down by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

But she must be physically present in court to do so – and since she fled the country last month, it is unclear where she is

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• India's tolerance of stray dogs has been the subject of , a special exhibition in Mumbai, where the rich give them attention and even the poorest. a few dived into a river and came out with blue coats, residents quickly traced the reason: a company that threw blue dye. The fusion project of the railway business of the German industrial giant Siemens and the French railway equipment manufacturer Alstom creates a giant able to compete with the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, expanding and financed by the state

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• American stocks were strong. A fire in an ammunition depot in Ukraine that triggered gigantic explosions and forced evacuation of about 30,000 people could have was sabotaged by an aerial drone. [1939] . Nearly 100,000 people have now evacuated the area. • Representatives of UN agencies are expecting to visit Rakhine today, the State of Myanmar, of which nearly 500,000 Muslim Rohingyas have fled in recent weeks and the Security Council is meeting on the crisis. In Alabama, an evangelical killer, Roy Moore, won a first round of the Republican Senate, wearing a blow to President Trump, who backed his most opponent General public.

• US territory ravaged by hurricanes in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, are facing increasingly difficult conditions. The union of Spain is at stake while Catalonia is preparing to hold a referendum on the issue. independence on Sunday, to which the central government and the courts are firmly opposed. The Iraqi Prime Minister could send troops to the autonomous region of Kurdistan after having voted massively in favor of independence. Afghan insurgents rained rockets at the Kabul International Airport and near the US embassy while the main leaders of the Pentagon, NATO met the Afghans President. The Supreme Court of Delhi sparked a fury by reversing the rape sentence of a film director on the grounds that "low no" could be understood as consent. The rapper Macklemore will perform his hymn "Same Love" in favor of same-sex marriage in Australia.


• What is happening to this data that your new car collects on you? Braised halibut with potatoes and saffron consists of a simple trigger and a shake

Recognize the house? Composite shot from 106,000 miles away as he slinges past the Earth on his way to meet an asteroid next year. Australia is on the lower left, and the southwest of the United States and Baja California are at the top right, with the vastness of the Pacific in between

• [CameronSmith Bruce Springsteen calls "Springsteen on Broadway", which opens in preview next week, "My first real work".

Back Story

Early this morning in the temples of Confucius across Taiwan, dressed officials performed elaborate ceremonies. The reason: Teacher's Day, a day of honors for those who give knowledge about what is considered the 2567th anniversary of Confucius, the ancient Chinese sage

many other countries are designating a special day to celebrate business education. India commemorates the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, philosopher and president of the country in the 1960s.

The United States celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week in May

The world body says that teachers remain underestimated: "Strangely one of the most central professionals and most essential to the profession"

a timeless essay by an American teacher with tips on how to thank a teacher.

Patrick Boehler (19459004)

For him, the cards and letters of his students are "a tangible proof that the work we do is really important."

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