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Pope Francis arrives today in Myanmar on 21 His challenge: how to address the denial by leadership of what the United Nations, the United States and much of the world community see as a campaign of ethnic cleansing, mass murder and systematic killing. rape of Rohingya Muslims by extremist and military monks of Myanmar

Even using the term "Rohingya" is disputed in the Buddhist-majority country, and popular support for the purge and can help his general reach the Presidency.


Pakistan a rmy secures parts of Islamabad after intense clashes on the weekend between supporters of a firebrand cleric and police, above, left at least six people dead and 200 others wounded

But the stability of the government is in question. Army officials told the ruling party that they would not allow deadly force against protesters, who paralyzed the capital for weeks in a blasphemy dispute with the minister of justice. Justice.

In Washington the duties of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Trump, seem to be shrinking as the new chief of staff White House, John Kelly, imposes a strict chain of

And legislators on both sides have expressed concern about the exodus of more than 100 senior officials from the Department of Justice. State since January. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson froze most hires and recently offered a buyout in the hope of fending off nearly 2,000 diplomats and career officials.


"For the first time in my life, I do not feel safe in Australia."

This was Rabbi Shmueli Feldman, a fourth-generation citizen. An annual report revealed that racially motivated incidents against Jews had increased by almost 10% last year and nearly 20% over the last two years

Separately, the trials of Six anti – war Christian protesters put Spotlight on a secret base of American spies in the Outback that Washington would prefer to keep in the shadows.


Finally, our climate team takes a look at Peru, where the desert blossoms thanks to the acceleration of the Andean glacial melting

But when the ice disappears, the vast farms that have pushed down can do the same thing.

"If the water disappears, we will have to go back to what it was before," said a local farmer, "The land was empty and the people were hungry."


• China's severe crackdown on imported foreign waste to be recycled in 19459006 had a worldwide impact in Texas for "cardboard grannies" in Hong Kong.


• Amazon aggressively recruits Indian sellers to sell their products directly to the US e-commerce giant's site: at least 27,000 Indian sellers have registered

• In Nepal, a state-owned company will build a $ 2.5 billion hydroelectric dam, the country's largest, after an agreement with a Chinese company

• The Atari gaming console known as Flashback , take advantage of nostalgia to turn the retro product into a real salesman.

Here is an overview of world markets

In the News

• Mount Agung broke out for the second time in a week, spewing ashes and steam to over 14,000 feet in the sky above Bali's Indonesian seaside island and failing thousands of airline passengers . [The New York Times]

• A high turnout was reported in Nepal for the first phase of a historic vote in the transition of the monarchy and years of civil war. The second phase of elections for Parliament and provincial assemblies is held on December 7. [BBC]

In Egypt, the devastating and highly organized attack of a Sufi mosque in the Sinai Peninsula last week, and the fierce retaliation of the army, fear has grown for those trapped between barbaric militants and the country's security forces. [The New York Times]

An explosion in the Chinese port city of Ningbo killed two people and injured at least 30 others. [A.P.]

• A teacher from a Beijing children's garden was arrested after his parents declared that their children were drugged and forced to undress , causing indignation across China. [The New York Times]

• A diary of John Lennon's diaries and personal effects was stolen from Yoko Ono by his driver, police said. The driver says the opposite. [The New York Times]

• German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been talking with her party about the possibility of again trying to form a coalition government. [Deutsche Welle]

• The Mayor of Osaka, Japan, said that he was cutting ties with San Francisco about a new monument to "women of "comfort", which were held for sex slaves by the Japanese. during WWII. [The New York Times]

• The Golden Horse Awards: Among the big winners are two Taiwanese films, the "The Great Buddha +", mainly shot on the iPhone, and the thriller "The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful. "[Variety]

Stephen Hawking the British theoretical physicist, used Weibo to congratulate Wang Junkai, the singer of the boy the China's most popular band, to ask questions about interstellar migration. [Reuters]

Smarter Living

Tips, both old and new, for a more fulfilling life.

Take these small steps to create a happier life.

• You are getting better with age.

• The recipe of the day: Spaghetti with a creamy lemon sauce for a meatless Monday


• " We are going to win. " Indian gay rights activists gain momentum, hoping that a crucial decision in favor of privacy by the Supreme Court will mean the repeal of repressive laws, including a law of the colonial era that criminalizes sex between men

• Who owns the moon? Ambiguities in the 50-year-old Outer Space Treaty may be preventing entrepreneurs from seeking opportunities in our solar system

• And a Vietnamese scholar ] has traveled the world and maps to support land claims in the South China Sea, but finds his reluctant government to challenge Beijing.

Back Story

"We will always have Paris."

Seventy-five years ago today, The Times published its critique of "Casablanca", the filmed and published romance during the Second World War that became one of the Hollywood movies the most beloved – and most often quoted – of all time

. The film takes place in Rick's Cafe Americain, a swinging bar "through which swirls a mix of accomplices, crooks and fleeing European refugees", as the Nazis seize the day. # 39; Europe. Vichy France controls the port city – and the exit visas needed to leave it. The price is high, and refugees are desperate to catch one on the black market.

The stars were Hollywood A-listers: Humphrey Bogart as Rick; Ingrid Bergman as his long lost love, Ilsa; and Paul Henreid as her husband, the leader of the heroic resistance Victor Laszlo.

Mr. Henreid was, in fact, a decidedly anti-Nazi European. Critics have written that the film was reinforced by the many refugees and exiles in the support cast, including Madeleine Lebeau, who burst "La Marseillaise" through tears in one of the most famous scenes.

Noah Isenberg, the author of a recent book on the film, said that he still retains his magic, in part because he confronts a profound moral question: "You paste your neck? "

Karen Zraick contributed to the writing of reports.


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