[HOT] – California, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump: Your Weekend Briefing

Here are the top stories, and a look ahead. Deadly wildfires continues to rage across California. At least 35 people have died in the fast-moving infernos, and more than 5,700 buildings have been destroyed.

Here are the stories of some of the victims, including a couple in their 70s who huddled in a swimming pool to escape: One made it, the other did not.

Before and after photos show the impact on California's wine country. Cannabis farms have been ravaged as well.


2. Puerto Rico is also struggling. Three weeks after Hurricane Maria, many are so desperate for drinking water that there have been reports of people trying to draw from wells on Superfund sites.

President Trump tried to reassure Puerto Ricans that the federal government would not be able

This Saturday, the five living form presidents will await a concert benefiting the hurricane relief through their new joint-raising effort, the One America Appeal.


Here is what we know about Mr. Trump's decisions to allow the sale of cheaper policies with fewer benefits and to scrap some subsidies, and how they put Congress in a tough spot.

Another of Mr. Trump's orders – the third iteration of his travels – is expected to go into

4. The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, President Trump also disavowed another of President Barack Obama's signature achievements, the Iran nuclear agreement, and threatened to pull out the Iranian missile launches. Above, worshipers leaving a prayer ceremony in Tehran.

And Nafta in the closure to demise, after the administration threatened withdrawal and a rocky fourth round of negotiations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump kept his criticism of the news media. Dean Baquet, executive director, Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman, two White House correspondents, and Jim Rutenberg. Here are seven takeaways


5. Harvey Weinstein's stunningly rapid downfall : The police in New York and London are looking into allegations of sexual assault, his form company is in chaos and the accusations of sexual misconduct keep rolling in.

And ripples from the case are spreading

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revoked his membership, a rare rebuke that cemented his transformation of one of history's biggest Oscar players into a hall-of-fame pariah. . Twitter promised new rules against sexual trolling and hate speech after a related, daylong #WomenBoycottTwitter protest.

Here is how the writers of the right, left and center reacted to the Weinstein case.

6. Our South Asia Rohingya refugees who escaped from Myanmar into Bangladesh, and who had a brutal violence: summary executions, beheadings, gang rape. And more.

"They have a baby in a fire – they just flung him," said a young woman, her family's sole survivor.

The following are some of the Rohingya villages that have been burned since late August. Tensions with North Korea

American B-1 bombers flew over South Korea, and the North renewed its threat to launch ballistic missiles near Guam if the United States and South Korea begin 10 days of joint naval exercises on Monday, which it considers rehearsal for an invasion.

The unrest in Japan: The main stock index pink to

And in China, ahead of the Communist Party congress beginning on Wednesday, President Xi Jinping has been tightening his grip on the mechanisms of power, including the military.


8. Back in the United States the N.F.L. The Trump's Criticism of Players' Kneeling Protests. Trump voters are now much more likely to say they view the N.F.L.

Commissioner Roger Goodell for those who prefer that the [NFLNFLNFLNFLNFLNFL(19459001)

9. Many people are starting to turn a wary, and weary, eye on Silicon Valley after a string of unsavory revelations – like Russia 2016 U.S. presidential election.

"The technologies we were most excited The Frightful Five: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet, and many more. , Google's parent company.


"Saturday Night Live," which was criticized for not mentioning the allegations against Harvey Weinstein when they first emerged, addressed them this weekend with varying degrees of comfort and effectiveness. "Weekend Update," the co-anchor Colin Jost, above, disputed the idea that Mr. Weinstein should check into a rehabilitation program.

11. The "specialized facility" that Mr. Weinstein needs, Mr. Jost said, would have metal bars and no women:

Lightning-rod recipes – the most important thing to know about a region, ethnic or traditional cuisines – can provoke fierce reactions.

Beans in Texas chili? Sugar in cornbread? Peas in guacamole?

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