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One hour and half before the Berkeley Patients Group, a marijuana dispensary, opens Monday, two men were lined up outside. We came to witness a small slice of history – the day that recreational marijuana was put on sale. The other, Anthony Moraga, was a sales representative and a driver for a marijuana company.

"I'm so excited," said Moraga. But he was also wondering why more people had not gone out. "People have queued for 24 hours for Star Wars," he said.

For those who fought for decades for the legalization of marijuana, Monday was a big problem. There were wet eyes at Harborside, an Oakland dispensary, when Steve DeAngelo, the executive director, referred to veterans of the legalization movement who did not live long enough to witness the big day .

Behind the Counter at Harborside Monday Credit Jim Wilson / The New York Times

But for many other cannabis fans in California the first day of legalization was something else – a holiday gift that they already had. It's been two decades since California introduced medical marijuana, and pretty much since the police stopped arresting people for possessing small personal hiding places.

Los Angeles and San Francisco begin to issue open dispensary permits, there will likely be a novelty effect. Many in the marijuana industry expect vigorous sales.

On Monday, a San Diego dispensary reported a 40-minute wait for clients. And the line is lying down later in the day at the Berkeley Patients Group, perhaps once people have slept the effects of the New Year's revelation. At the end of the day, the number of clients served was 1,500.

Yet for many Californians, the novelty of marijuana, easily accessible, has long since disappeared. The Sacramento Bee published a legalization article on Monday with the headline: "Where are all the people?"

A photographer friend in Minnesota sent me a question when I told him I'd spent New Year's Day: "Now, what will the whole rebels to feel rebellious? "

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Stephen M. Sweeney, President of the New Jersey Senate, addressing reporters last year. Sweeney, a Democrat, said Republicans had "completely reversed roles" against high-tax states. Credit Mel Evans / Associated Press

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A Dilemma of Conduct and Cannabis : Contrary to the national limit of 0.08% alcohol concentration in blood used in D.U.I. arrests, there is no scientific consensus on a baseline blood THC level that can prove a disability. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• The wholesale price of the pot crushes while Californian farmers flood the marijuana market. They benefit from a grace period during which clinics can sell unregulated cannabis grown on the black market. [East Bay Express]

Credit Peter Horvarth

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Mukhande Singh, founder of Live Water, at Ukumehame Beach Park, near Lahaina, Hawaii, where he lives Credit ] Marco Garcia for the New York Times

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Jennifer Petruska, left, and Barbara Gray set a trap in Santa Rosa , California – Mrs. Petruska co-ordinates effort to find cats lost during forest fire Credit] Jim Wilson / The New York Times

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And finally …

For Northern California football fans, the season has ended upside down . No Bay Area team qualifies for the playoffs, but the 49ers dominated the season with QB Jimmy Garoppolo who led the team to five wins in a row, the only NFL team to be unbeaten in December. And the former Super Bowl-dreaming Raiders fired their head coach Jack Del Rio after a very disappointing season that had notably lost the last four games.

For Garoppolo, who has made a terribly unbeatable team, it's time to float some big pay issues with 49ers management. Does he want to come back next year?

"Hum, I like being here," Garoppolo told reporters. "We had a good thing at the end of this year, you know, we'll see what happens."


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