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Good evening. This is the last

Credit Doug Mills / The New York Times

1. Congress approved a plan to maintain government funding in January – while fighting issues like immigration and surveillance in the new year.

And the Republicans are preparing for November mid-term elections. Midterms are inevitably referendums on the party that controls the White House, and President Trump has the lowest approval rating of any modern president at the beginning of his term.

The tax bill gave a victory to Republicans, but Democrats are up in polls and donations.


Credit Spencer Platt / The Getty Images

2. In an act of distrust against the Trump administration, the UN General Assembly condemned the US's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Despite the threat of President Trump to cut aid to supporters of the resolution, was approved by a vote of 128 to 9.


Credit Jon Nazca / Reuters

3. In Catalonia, ] Separatist parties were on the verge of maintaining a narrow majority in the elections for a regional parliament, according to official results almost complete. Above, the counting of votes

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the elections a reshuffle of the political game, saying that Catalan voters would punish the secessionist leaders who had provoked the worst constitutional crisis in the country since decades. ]

This bet seemed not to have borne fruit.


Credit Mr. Spencer Green / Associated Press

4. Decades After Ford Motor Company Attempted to Address Sexual Misconduct in Two Chicago Plants, New Claims of Abuse Raising questions about the possibility of change

On "The Daily", we talk to our journalist Catrin Einhorn, who spent months interviewing female victims of sexual harassment in Ford factories. And we hear one of the women to whom she spoke


Credit Whitney Curtis for The New York Times

5. Dozens of large US employers – including Amazon and Goldman Sachs – placed Facebook ads on Facebook. recruitment limited to particular age groups, according to a survey by ProPublica and the Times

. older workers. "Once you reach your fifties, you may as well be dead," said Mark Edelstein, a 58-year-old job hunter


Credit News 1, via Reuters

6. Grissly news from Asia and Australia: A fire that appeared to have started in a parking garage destroyed an eight-storey building in Jecheon, South Korea, killing at least 29 people. Most of the dead were trapped in a public sauna on the second floor

And in Melbourne, Australia, 19 people were injured by a man who was driving a S.U.V. in a crowd. The authorities are looking for a motive and claim that the suspect had a history of mental illness and addiction.


Credit Josh Haner / The New York Times

7. Does a metropolis of 30 million people end up under water?

Experts say that it is only a matter of time for Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which has to face human problems and climate change threats. This is the last article in our series "Climate Change, Changing Cities."


Credit ] NASA


8. Would you NASA fly a drone through the largest moon of Saturn or send a probe to collect samples of a duck-shaped comet?

A dozen proposals for the agency's New Frontiers competition. an interplanetary "shark tank" for a future robotic mission – NASA has announced these two finalists.

Each team will receive $ 4 million and about a year to expand their idea. NASA will decide in mid-2019 which to build, and the launch is planned for the end of 2025.


Credit Tony Cenicola / The New York Times

9. Another question: Does this cute Christmas toy is a spy?

Many manufacturers are promoting Internet-connected gadgets for children during the holiday season. But once a device is online, it is potentially exposed to hackers who can access sensitive information via microphones and cameras

"Parents need to be aware of what's going on." They buy and bring back to their children. a researcher in cybersecurity says


Credit TBS

10. Finally, Samantha Bee discussed evangelical Christians who pushed the White House to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. She showed images of an evangelical leader saying that the president had signaled the end of time.

"Of course, Armageddon is the only thing Trump can do with absolute precision," she joked. ] Have a good night.


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