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A vulgar insult to immigrants

• The President Trump angered the world on Thursday after complaining about Haitians and Africans and asking why the United States should accept immigrants from "shithole countries."

This was the latest example of the president's penchant for remarks tinged with racism. The comments, which the White House has not denied, came during a meeting on the legal status of immigrants brought to the United States as children.

Mr. Trump says that more people should be admitted from places like Norway, where his blasphemy was denounced early today.

Many media have taken the rare step of using the expletive. Phil Corbett, Times Standards Editor, said, "It seemed obvious to us that we needed to quote the language directly, not paraphrase it."

The busy day of the White House (and night)

• President Trump announced last Thursday on Twitter that he had canceled a trip to London because of the cost and "remoteness" of the new US embassy. He had been expected to face protests in the British capital.

The news came after a day that the administration said it would let states require Medicaid beneficiaries to work or participate in other engagement activities. from the community. "

A justification for change to one of the country's most important social insurance programs for low-income people is that it would make them healthier."

And Mr. Trump again decided not to reimpose strict sanctions on Iran.Two people informed of his decision stated that it was intended to give Congress and allies Europeans a deadline to improve the agreement.

Supervision test

• The House voted Thursday to extend the monitoring program without a warrant. National Security Agency for six years with minimal changes 19459007 19459008 Legislation still to pass through the Senate, but the passage of the House was the major obstacle

The law was promulgated in 2008 for legal a version of a surveillance program without a once-secret mandate created after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Priority to friends and family ]

• In an interview with The Times, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, spoke of the radical changes the social media giant is making to prioritize content that its two billion users know.

Shi ft, which will de-stress the content of publishers and brands, is the most significant revision of the News Feed for years.

"We want to make sure that our products are not only fun, but are good for people," Mr. Zuckerberg said. "We need to refocus the system."

"This big wave of public content really made us think: what are we really ready to do?" Said Zuckerberg about the changes on Facebook. "If what we are here to do is to help people build relationships, then we must adapt." Credit Alberto Estevez / European Pressphoto Agency

A former recruiter of the ISIS wants out

• A 33-year-old woman from France spent the last five years in Syria, where she eventually became a prominent propagandist and recruit for the militant group

Now she wants to go home.

Our correspondent in Paris writes: "The dilemma that his case poses is more and more common for France and the other European countries: what should they do when the veterans or sympathizers of the Islamic State want to return? "

An image released by Kurdish Syrian forces Emilie König, 33, suspected of recruiting fighters for the state Islamic t an undisclosed place in Syria.
Credit YPG News Service, via Agence France-Presse – Getty Images
Other information

Listen to "The Daily": The Vulgarity of President Trump

Mr. Trump's derogatory words for Haiti and Africa provoked worldwide outrage. They also raised a question about an American ideal: Who should be admitted?


In Walmart: The largest private employer in the United States cited the new tax bill by announcing wage increases, bonuses and increased benefits to its hourly workers. But he also closes 63 stores Sam's Club

Morgan Stanley investigated charges of harassment by one of his officers, the former member Congress Harold Ford Jr., and found no evidence. Then he sent it back anyway

What is $ 27 billion on Wall Street? Investment banks had the habit of hitting money by trading bonds, currencies and other complex securities. But this activity is declining, a trend that is reshaping the industry.

US stocks were up on Thursday. Here is an overview of global markets today.

Smarter Living

Tips, both old and new, for a more fulfilling life.

Would you like to be happy? Think like a senior

Before you book with a charter company, check your safety record.

Recipe of the day: Celebrate Friday with roasted chicken shawarma by Sam Sifton


] Partisan writer you should not miss

Writers from across the political spectrum discuss the congressional vote to extend the NSA's espionage program

The week in good news

All is not bad

Quizz time

Have you followed the news this week? Test yourself.

Ready for the weekend

In the movies, our critics review "The Commuter" with Liam Neeson and "Paddington 2" with the

Our TV critic was not impressed by "The Electric Dreams of Philip K. Dick", the science fiction anthology of Amazon, but we have other dissemination ideas.

11 new books, and bring together the best offers of theater, art and music in the New York area.

Finally, we visited "Murder Is Her Hobby", an exhibition at the Smithsonian in Washington of 19 miniature crime scenes. created as training tools for police investigators.

The meticulously handcrafted models at the Smithsonian are known as the "[;[[["TheNutshellStudiesofUnexplainedDeath'' Credit Justin T. Gellerson for the New York Times

Best of the End TV

Comedy animators have struggled, for once, to shed light on one of the President Comments by Trump

Quote of the day

"The villagers will always say that they had no intention of killing the elephants, the poison was meant for wild pigs."

Suwarno Director of Animals Indonesia, a conservation group, referring to cases involving farmers fed up with elephants who are marauding their plantations.

Previous Story

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."

With these words, Mr. Cash gave the blow to Sending a concert in a state prison in California that revitalized his musical career and fortified his outlaw character. Recorded 50 years ago on Saturday, "At Folsom Prison" remains a landmark in American music.

Johnny Cash played for detainees at Folsom Prison in California in 1968. Credit Dan Poush / Associated Press

Enterprising detainees – while mocking their guards – were tamed over other human exploits in Black.

In 1965, Mr. Cash accidentally unleashed a forest fire in southern California that burned hundreds of acres and devastated a population of threatened condors. (Cash told a judge, "I do not care about your damn yellow jets.") Later in life, he was attacked by an ostrich and nearly died.

In a dispute with his label in the 1980s, Mr. Cash published a parody entitled "Chicken in Black". He described the song as "intentionally atrocious", but it was the most successful thing he had done in years. (There is also a video.)

Cash, who died in 2003, was an expert Morse code in the air force who listened to Soviet gossip. He was also an ordained minister and wrote a novel, "Man in White", about the Apostle Paul.

As Mr. Cash told the Times in an interview in 1969, "It's not too weird for me"

Charles McDermid contributed to report.


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