[HOT] – Hurricane Irma Live Updates: Storm Barrels Toward Cuba and Florida

As hurricane Irma pushed the Bahamas and Cuba on Friday, US officials increased the emergency and depth of their warnings to arrive at safety before the destructive winds and storm surges arrive on Saturday.

The storm, downgraded to category 4, continued its destructive fall in the Caribbean at night, with Turks and Caicos being the last to be submerged. East, residents in places like Barbuda and St. Martin have prepared for another success in the coming days of Hurricane Jose.

Officials warn Florida residents stretched by previous hurricanes not to underestimate Irma, which Governor Rick Scott said would be "much larger than Andrew," referring to the storm major that hit the state in 1992. Brock Long, the FEMA administrator, warned that everyone in the southeastern US, Alabama at the North Carolina, should monitor the storm and do The last:

• The National Hurricane Center said that Irma remained "extremely dangerous" with winds of 150 miles per hour and the Florida Keys at risk of a "deadly flood" .

• Fierce winds and rains could hit the nails of Florida late Saturday, with the hurricane reaching heavily populated areas of southern Florida on Sunday morning

• The hurricane defeated the Turks and Caicos Islands at the beginning of Friday as it was heading towards the southeast of the Bahamas, where 20-foot storm surges are expected. Tourists on the north coast of Cuba were also evacuated. At least 19 people died as a result of the storm: nine in the French Caribbean, four in the US Virgin Islands, three in Puerto Rico, one in the Dutch Side of St. Martin, one in Barbuda and one in Anguilla.

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Irma monopolized the southern Bahamas on Friday with intense winds and rains, leaving a trace of felled trees and power lines, damaged roofs and scattered debris [MayaguanaandInaguawereamongthefirstislandsoftheBahamastofeeltheimpact"Itwasverynoisyyoucouldheardebrisflyingaroundcrashingintobuildings"saidMarcusSandsanassistantsuperintendentwiththepoliceinAbrahamBaythemainsettlementofMayaguana

Irma is one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the five strongest storms to strike the Atlantic basin in 82 years, National Hurricane Center.

It was a Category 5 storm, but at 5 am, the center was decommissioned it is based on the lowest intensity of the sustained winds.

Storms were expected up to 15 to 20 feet from the Turks and Caicos and the southeastern and central Bahamas; five to ten feet on the north coast of Cuba and the northwestern Bahamas; and one to three feet on the north coast of Haiti.

Much of the south coast of Florida, including the Keys, could face an increase of five to ten feet of storm

Southeastern United States

A storm warning has been in effect in much of southern Florida – from the entrance of Jupiter on the Atlantic coast to Bonita Beach on the Gulf of Mexico – including Keys.

In Florida, voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders were in place in Miami-Dade County, Keys and portions of many other counties – including that part of Palm Beach County that is home to Mar-a-Lago, one of President Trump's estates. (Mr. Trump also owns the property on the French side of St. Martin, which was devastated by the storm.)

In Miami, Thursday, people lined up for bottled water and drivers waited hours to get gas. Gasoline shortages in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area have been reported.

A mandatory evacuation was scheduled to begin Saturday on the Atlantic coast of Georgia, said Governor Nathan Deal. The Ports Authority of Georgia said that the ports of Savannah, the fourth container port in the United States, and Brunswick would be closed from Saturday.

Three people were killed in Puerto Rico and about two thirds of the population lost electricity, said Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

Four people died in the US Virgin Islands and a large hospital was badly damaged by the wind. An amphibious assault ship arrived in territory on Thursday and sent helicopters to help evacuate patients from the hospital.

Powerful winds and water were devastating the Caribbean.

The island of Barbuda – where almost all buildings have been reduced to "rubble", according to Prime Minister Gaston Browne – backed for further hardship, in the form of Hurricane Jose .

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, was in Greece for an official visit but had the intention to travel to the Caribbean once the time allowed him …

Irma has bypassed the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which share the island of Hispaniola, but damage caused by floods and power outages have been reported on the Haitian side.

Cuba began evacuating some of the 51,000 tourists visiting the island, especially 36,000 people at the resorts on the north coast.

John McKendrick, Attorney General of Anguilla, said on Thursday that he was "a huge devastation" of the hurricane.

Up to 90 percent of the island's houses have been damaged, felled trees blocked many roads, the mobile phone service has been interrupted and electrical service has been cut . The whole island was still without power on Thursday, he said.

In addition, the ports and the airport remained closed due to damage.

"This is bad," McKendrick said by telephone interview from London, where he was traveling when the hurricane hit the island. "Many people are exhausted and many houses are damaged."

Hurricane Irma comes just a few weeks after Hurricane Harvey claimed about 60 lives and caused property damage estimated at $ 180 billion in Texas and Louisiana.

An American territory has been devastated by the storm.

In the US Virgin Islands, the hurricane destroyed the roofs of many homes and businesses, felled power lines, flooded two shelters and caused "catastrophic failures" at the hospital Roy Lester Schneider

Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, said Friday that the hospital was closing and that his patients were being transported to other island facilities.

Effective Friday, the total impact – especially on the islands of St. Thomas and St. John – was still assessed but authorities confirmed that at least four people were deceased.

President Trump declared a disaster in the United States United

The United Kingdom mobilizes the aid after criticizing its efforts.

Several of the places hardest hit by the storm are the territories of Great Britain, France or France the Netherlands, and the rapidity of the response of European governments has sometimes been criticized .

The British government has been accused of providing a mediocre response to the crisis, particularly in relation to the responses of the French and the Dutch Governments. Among the most sharp critics, the former British representative in Anguilla, Dorothea Hodge, described the government's reaction as "pathetic" and "shameful," according to The Guardian.

Thursday, John McKendrick, attorney general of Anguilla, also pushed the British government, writes on Twitter: "The answers need to speed up # Anguilla needs urgent help.

Later on Thursday, he said in the interview, "Things are happening". But he added: "Great Britain has a constitutional and moral obligation to its overseas territories to ensure that they are rebuilt and they are safe."

On Friday, British foreign secretary Boris Johnson announced on Friday a package of aid of 32 million pounds, or about $ 42 million, and said that British troops, diplomats and an aid workers were en route .. An amphibious warship, the Bay of Amounts, will move Anguilla to the British Virgin Islands to distribute aid.

King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, will fly to the Caribbean island of Curaçao on Sunday for inspect the coordination of the relief efforts for the Dutch side of Saint-Martin, on Friday the palace


French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Friday at a press conference in Paris that at least nine people had been killed by Hurricane Irma on French islands of Saint Martin and Saint Bartholomew, compared to a previous toll of 4.

Seven missing persons and 112 wounded, added Mr. Collomb. He said the priority was still to save people, but also to restore order, after witnesses on the islands reported sporadic looting.

Mr. Collomb said that the power over Saint Bartholomew was close to being restored and that on Saint Martin, the hospital and the town hall now had electricity.

Sir. Collomb said that Hurricane Jose, which is arriving on Hurricane Irma, would reach St. Martin and St. Bartholomew on weekends, which would complicate the rescue operations.

He added that José had to evolve from Guadeloupe, a French island to the south, which France uses as a base to coordinate aid and rescue operations.

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