[HOT] – Irma Live Updates: ‘I Just Hope Everyone Survived’


Most of Florida spent Monday night in a suffocating darkness after a decline but still fatal Irma pulled down the power lines and flooded the last dry corner of the state before causing havoc across Georgia and South Carolina.

On Tuesday morning, more than 13 million people, or two-thirds of the population of Florida, were without power, according to the Emergency Response Team (19459002)

After leaving Florida as a tropical storm, Irma killed three people in Georgia and one in South Carolina, before rushing and storm surges uncovered Jacksonville, 39 be renamed in a tropical depression on Columbus, Georgia, Monday night.

An aircraft carrier and other Navy vessels were directed to the Florida Keys, low-lying islands struck especially when Irma , then a category 4 hurricane, hit Sunday.

"I hope everyone" Gov. Rick Scott of Florida said on Monday after completing a flyby of the islands.

Here's the last one:

• Over the next two days, Irma is expected to seize Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee

• At least 42 people died as a result of the storm, including at least eight in the continental United States, according to The Associated Press.

• After Irma was decommissioned in a tropical depression, the National Hurricane Center interrupted all storm surges and tropical weather watches and storm warnings.

• The full extent of the damage is not yet known, and the authorities have been reluctant to estimate the cost of a cleanup. Discover our most powerful photographs.

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Irma pushes north and causes problems in Charleston, SC

Strong winds felled trees and cut service lines in Georgia and South Carolina on Monday, eliminating power for more than 900,000 customers in both states.

A tropical storm warning has been issued for the entire coast of Georgia and most of South Carolina. Some of the worst flooding occurred in Charleston, where runoff at the knees ran through the streets – high enough for some residents to sail by kayak.

The National Weather Service issued a rapid flood crisis for Charleston County and said that parts of the Charleston Peninsula, which contains the historic core of the city, were closed.

In an interview held on Monday afternoon, Mayor John Tecklenburg said the city had been hit by a four-foot storm, leaving parts of the peninsula appeared to have merged with the Ashley River.

"It seems rather counter-intuitive that we would have this, because the center of the storm is more than 200 miles west of Georgia, and here we are on the coast of South Carolina, "he said. "But just if you look at the larger meteorological map and see the rotation in the opposite direction of an Irma clock, juxtaposed with a high pressure rotation in the direction of the needles, a watch on the Atlantic, Charleston was like in the clamp of these two movements that led the wind and hurricane groups almost directly into our city. "

Sir. Tecklenburg said the floods were even worse than Hurricane Matthew last year, which flooded the city in October, largely because Matthew arrived at low tide, while 39 ; Irma effect occurred at high tide.

More inland the serious damage has remained high, although the power of the storm has decreased slightly.

In Atlanta, winds whipping the leaves created a sound like an angry sea on a shore, and trees crashed into homes and roads. The city's public school system canceled classes Tuesday and Delta airlines, based in Atlanta, canceled about 900 flights Monday, noting a particular concern about north- South to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which proves to be the busiest

The forecast in Alabama was somewhat milder, although a tropical storm warning was in effect for the greater part of the eastern half of the state.

Jacksonville is flooded, while Tampa is "to goodness"

"We need you to pay attention to our warnings," Lenny Curry of Jacksonville said Monday, explaining that high tides would increase the river's water to six feet above their normal levels and cause additional flooding.

The mayor urged residents to avoid taking advantage of the city's resources except in emergency situations, but said that people who needed rescue should raise a white flag to attract the attention of the authorities.

Jacksonville He was faced with a "trifecta" of water-related threats, city officials said: Storm, heavy rains during the weekend and rising tides on Monday. "This is probably a one week event with water and the tides come and go," said Mr. Curry.

In Tampa, Mayor Bob Buckhorn, who warned residents on Sunday that the city was going to be hit his face, "said Monday that the city had been spared from the storm. "It looked good," said Buckhorn. "The first blush is that not only did we dodge a ball, but we survived very well. Not a lot of flooding. The removal of trees, debris – do not mean that it is negligible, but it is manageable.

The city was again spared by a direct blow from a hurricane, as has been his fortune for over 90 years. How? "Because we live good lives, because we only get stuffed from time to time," joked Mr. Buckhorn. "No, I do not have an answer for that."

In St. Petersburg, members of the trees of the lawns and minor debris had exploded on the roads but did not stop the traffic. In Orlando, officials said the city had damaged the storm without major damage.

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