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• The Senate took a big step forward when the Budget Committee voted to adopt the $ 1.5 trillion Republican tax package, paving the way for a full Senate vote later this week.

• After a day of negotiations, several senators who were on the fence now seem more receptive to voting for the bill.

• There are still obstacles, including the harmonization of the Senate version with the House bill and the 39 assurance that the changes some senators wish do not disturb other legislators

• Wednesday, the Senate will decide on the opportunity to proceed to the examination of the bill.

• The bill's progress comes after a day of fighting between the two congressional Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, removed from 39, a meeting of the White House after President Trump attacked them in a tweet.

President Trump arrived to meet with Republican senators on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Credit Doug Mills / The New York Times

The Chance That the Proposed law passed unanimously considerably strengthened ]

An avalanche of last-minute agreements allowed to obtain the support of a few Republican legislators who had expressed concern over the $ 1.5 trillion package, including its treatment of small businesses and its effect on the deficit

[194590] The quick turnaround underscores the pressure felt by Republicans to pass a tax cut and endorse a significant legislative victory during their first year of control of both Congress and the White House. To help move things along, President Trump visited Capitol Hill for a luncheon with Republican senators, where he made promises to some and reprimanded others


The Republicans came out of the meal increasingly optimistic about the fate of the bill and downplayed the concerns that threatened to compromise it

Three main Republican opponents, Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Bob Corker of Tennessee and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, were pos the bill on Tuesday after obtaining assurances from Mr. Trump and Republican leaders that these concerns would be addressed. ]

The bill was passed by the Senate Budget Committee on a party vote

The Senate Budget Committee met on Tuesday to vote on the proposed tax reform. Credit] Al Drago for the New York Times

Among those who voted the bill Mr. Johnson and Mr. Corker, who both said Monday that they would oppose the bill without making any changes to address their individual concerns. Johnson wants more favorable treatment for bridging companies and Corker wants to make sure $ 1.5 trillion tax bill will not add to deficit

But the meeting with Mr. Trump and the discussions with the Republican leaders seemed to have sufficiently influenced them to vote to advance the plan.

A Wednesday vote could open the bill for debate and amendments

On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on a procedural motion to begin consideration of the Senate floor bill. If this passes, the Senate can begin to propose and debate amendments to the bill, which is a precursor to an advance poll that could take place on Friday.

But there are still obstacles to overcome, including the need to resolve disputes between the legislative and legislative versions of the House. And there does not seem to be much receptivity to change that Mr. Corker wants to make, which would require some taxes to increase if the overall package adds to the deficit.

While the Senate has taken a big step forward, it still has several steps to go before declaring victory.

Mr. Trump attacked "Chuck and Nancy", then they came out of a meeting of the White House

Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, Democratic leaders, during a Credit] ] Al Drago for the New York Times

The Two Leading Democrats, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, refused to attend a meeting with Mr. Trump and congressional leaders scheduled for the afternoon after the president posted on Twitter this morning that he was meeting "Chuck and Nancy" to discuss ways to avoid a government shutdown and wrote " I do not see any agreement! "

"Since the President does not see any agreement between Democrats and the White House, we believe that the best way to follow is to continue to negotiate with our Republican counterparts in Congress. " Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi said in a statement .

"Rather than go to the White House for a We asked Chief McConnell and President Ryan to meet this after We have no time to waste on the problems we face, so we will continue to negotiate with Republican leaders who may be interested in a bipartisan agreement. "

A few months ago, Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi seemed to forge a fruitful partnership with Mr. Trump, who calls them "Chuck and Nancy." In September, the President sided with them to conclude a tax agreement which increased the debt limit and extended government funding until December.

Now, legislators are facing another urgent budget deadline, while government funding expires on December 8. Republican leaders in Congress will need democratic votes to keep the government open beyond that date. Mr. Trump's tweet follows similar comments on the minority party on Monday, when he said he did not need the Democrats to support the tax bill through the Congress.

The White House spokeswoman said the boycott of the Democrats showed "smallness"

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the press secretary of the White House, accused Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer of "pettiness" by refusing to attend Tuesday afternoon's meeting .

"It is disappointing that Senator Schumer and Chief Pelosi refuse to come to the table to discuss pressing issues", she said in a statement. "The President's invitation to the Democratic leaders is still there and he encourages them to put aside their pettiness, to stop political demagoguery, to introduce themselves and to get to work.These questions are too important."

Republican leaders say the Democrats were playing politics with their boycott

] Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin said the Democrats should show up at the meeting if they wanted to prevent the closure of the government.


"We have an important job to do, and the Democratic leaders have continually found new excuses for not meeting with the administration for discuss these issues, "he said. "Democrats are putting government operations, especially resources for our men and women on the battlefield, in great danger by pulling these antics.There is a meeting at the White House this afternoon, and if the Democrats want to reach an agreement, they will be there. "

The Democrats have deep

Mr. Schumer, speaking in the Senate, hammered the Republicans and Mr. Trump for stopping the Democrats from participating in the tax revision, saying that it would help the rich and the business in the place of the middle class.

"This is a question that calls for a bipartisan solution," he said about tax rewriting. "We agree on many areas, we need to work to find a mutually agreeable area of ​​agreement." The bill, he said, would inflate debt and help coverage and lobbyists, but not the average Americans

Democrats also worry about a provision in the bill the Senate that repeals the requirement that most Americans have health insurance or pay a penalty.The abandonment of the so-called individual mandate would produce savings that would help pay the tax cuts, since people would give up health insurance and the government would spend less on subsidized medical coverage.

Currently, about 4.5% of tax filers pay penalty rather than obtaining health insurance. Here is an overview of who they are and where they live:

A "dynamic" economic analysis can be published Wednesday

The Senate Republicans rushed to a vote on their tax bill, even without a "dynamic" rating from the Joint Committee on Taxation that would show the effects of the proposed tax cuts on the tax bill. 39; economy. This score is important because it will show how tax cuts will stimulate growth and avoid adding to the deficit

] The analysis could sway the tax debate at the 11th hour by taking a break from the deficit hawks in the Senate. This would be the first attempt of the committee to project the economic effects of Republican tax plans. The House passed its bill this month before the committee could complete a so-called dynamic bill.

Analysts expect that the score that the Senate bill does not create enough economic growth to generate income to compensate those who are lost by tax cuts. Such an event would undermine the claims of Republicans that the bill would pay for itself.

In a letter sent Monday to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, the JCT It is still possible that such an analysis be ready this week , maybe as early as Wednesday night.

"The Joint Committee staff is currently involved in the analysis of the macroeconomic effects of the bill, and is trying to complete the 39, analysis for the purpose of producing the estimate of budgetary effects "in time to inform the debate on the floor of the Senate, Thomas Barthold, YCW Chief of Staff writes in a letter to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon , the ranking democrat on the finance committee.

Up to now, dynamic analyzes of Republican tax bills have failed to match the promises of party lawmakers according to which tax cuts would be financed by creating a surge in economic growth and new revenues.

Mr. Barthold could not guarantee that the analysis would be ready on time and he warned that it would not take into account last minute changes to the bill.

"When we produce these estimates, we submit them to a number of quality checks before releasing them, and we can not guarantee a specific latency time before completing this process, "he said. ]


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