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The Tax Revision Is a Promise Held

• After a year of legislative setbacks, Republicans demonstrated their control of Washington on Wednesday, sending a $ 1.5 trillion tax revision to President Trump for his signature.

It is unclear whether Mr Trump will sign the project before the end of the year, as this could affect the negotiations to finance the government and avoid a closure.

The president and congressional republicans said the new tax code will create obs and increase wages. If that is the case, it would contradict the historical experience and the evaluations of many experts.

We explain how to write off donations according to plan, and answer everyone's question: President Trump expresses after the House passed revisions of last minute on the Republican tax reform of 1.5 trillion dollars, marking the first major rewrite of the US tax code in 31 years Published on dec. February 20, 2017 Credit Image by Doug Mills / The New York Times

"We Watch These Votes"

• President Trump has threatened to end US aid to any country that votes today for a UN resolution denouncing his recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

"That they vote against us; we will save a lot, "said Trump. "We Do not Care."

Curbing the Threat could mean the removal of aid to some crucial strategic allies in the Middle East. Some aid programs, such as that of Egypt, are mandated by the Congress.

Missed Deadline, Lives Lost

• After a fatal commuter train crash in California nine years ago, Congress ordered all roads to passenger iron to install automatic braking systems by 2016.

Avoidable train accidents such as Monday's fatal accident in the state of Washington occur

The railways cited the cost and complexity of adding this technology, called Positive Train Control, estimating more than $ 10 billion.

"We put a man on the moon 50 years ago, faster than we could put in place positive rail control," said a former National Transportation Safety Board. "I mean, come on."

Development: S.U.V. The driver of the vehicle that injured at least 14 people, including a child, in Melbourne today, committed "a deliberate act," police said.

Two people were arrested, although their names were not disclosed.

Police did not specify whether the case was under investigation as a possible terrorist act

The crash of today in Melbourne, Australia, occurred at the beginning of the evening commute Credit Asanka Brendon Ratnayake for the New York Times

Listen to & # 39; The Daily & rsquo ;: Harassment Sexuality in Ford

Decades after the company attempted to attack sexual misconduct in two factories New allegations of abuse raise questions about the possibility of change.


Dozens of prominent employers – including Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Target – have placed on Facebook recruitment advertisements limited to particular age groups, an investigation of ProPublica and The Times found

Facebook defended the practice, but several experts asked if she was violating the laws against discrimination.

Glenn Thrush a prominent Times political reporter accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, will remain suspended until the end of January and will then be removed from the team covering the House white.

"While we believe that Glenn acted offensively, we decided that Dean Baquet, the editor, said:

The author short story "Cat Person", which was widely shared on social media after appearing in The New Yor Ker this month, reportedly received a seven-digit book deal

US stocks were down on Wednesday.Here is a snapshot of world markets

Smarter Living

Tips, Both Old and New , for a more fulfilling life.

Learn How to solve the New York Times crosswords (Beginners are welcome.)

Training in sexual harassment is not enough . his works

Recipe of the day: Try the frozen roast salmon with brown sugar and mustard.


Dancing over the years

The 360 ​​video of today continues our series in which retired dancers reflect on why they still practice. "The body has this amazing way to heal itself and get back together," said Brenda Bufalino, age 80

"The body has this amazing way to heal itself and to find oneself again. " Published on dec. 18, 2017 Credit Image by Tony Cenicola / The New York Times. Technology by Samsung.

Catalonia votes again

The election of today could decide whether or not the Spanish region persists in its quest for independence or seeks a settlement with the central government after months of quarrels. Here's what to watch for.

Voting in Barcelona, ​​Spain, today Credit Manu Fernandez / Associated Press

The victory of a vote lasts a day.

One day after the recount, the Democrats won a house in Virginia. Delegates run, a panel of judges declared the race tied. The control of the house can be decided by the equivalent of a draw.

It is the shortest day of the year

Or the longest, if you are in the southern hemisphere

We explain how the winter solstice works, and why humans might not exist without it.

Today is the day when the North Pole is the steeper away from the sun. Credit Robert Simmon / NASA

The year in sports ]

Relive the incredible returns, incredible hits and memorable performances of 2017.

Best of late-night TV

Samantha Bee discussed the small group of evangelical Christians who pushed for Jerusalem to be recognized as the capital of Israel. "Of course, Armageddon is the only thing Trump can do with absolute precision," she said.

Quote of the Day

"This has been a year of extraordinary achievement for the Trump administration."

Senator Mitch McConnell Kentucky Republican and Majority Leader, who has often been on the odds with the President, celebrating the passing of the tax revision.

History Back

This is the time of year the Krampus, a mythical, hairy, horned beast prowling in the Bavarian cities and Austrian, scare the evil spirits and reminding children that Christmas is around the corner.

The tradition of the Krampus, a mountain goblin the good St. Nicholas, has recently undergone a revival. Horror version of Hollywood 2015 brings tradition to millions of Am Americans, a new generation of & # 39; Germans and & # 39; Austrians lived a cherished tradition in the & # 39; childhood.

He knows if you were bad either Credit Peter Kneffel / DPA, via the Agence France- Press – Getty Images

Dozens of "", or parades of people dressed in horned masks and carrying whips or bells, are invading the southern cities of the country. Germany and Austria from the last weeks of November to December 23.

In an appearance on "The Tonight" Show, "the actor Christoph Waltz explained Krampus to an audience American: the Austrian answer to Elf on the set.

The Krampus, he says, spies not only on children and reports to Santa Claus, but comes with a stick, a bag and threats. "If you were not good, you get stuck in the bag and you expose yourself," he said.

The modern parades of Krampus, however, are subject to strict rules, without drinking or hitting. It is allowed to scare children and tourists, but not to stick anyone in a bag.

Melissa Eddy contributed to the report.


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