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Michael Flynn accused of lying to the FBI

• The former national security adviser to President Trump should plead guilty today. he lied about a conversation with the Russian ambassador last december

• The plea would be the last signal that Mr. Flynn cooperates with the investigation Special Adviser on the Interference of Russia in the Presidential Election

Vote on the Pla tax n today.

• Sen Negotiators had to consider making major changes to the tax law after a non-partisan committee found that the proposed cuts would not pay for themselves , as claimed by the Republicans. Follow our live briefing for the last

Thursday, the Joint Committee on Taxation said the measure would add $ 1 trillion to budget deficits over 10 years.

An Idea is to Fix the Corporate Tax "

We asked: How many people in each income group would get a reduction in taxes? 39; tax? And in a video, we checked out some Republican claims about the plan.

The Senate Republicans and President Trump rush to recast the tax system. Does their plan live up to their promises? Posted on Nov. 30, 2017 Credit Image by Doug Mills / The New York Times

Replace a moderate with a hawk.

• The White House plans to deport the secretary of the court. State, Rex Tillerson, whose relations with President Trump were strained, said Thursday senior officials of the administration

. Tillerson would be replaced by Mike Pompeo, the CIA The director who called for the demolition of the Iranian nuclear deal, suggested that regime change in North Korea would be welcome and downplayed Russia's role in the elections of 2016.

Rex Tillerson at the White House last month. If he leaves his position before the end of the year, his term would be the shortest of all state secretaries for nearly 120 years – with the exception of those whose terms of office coincided with a change of president. Tom Brenner / The New York Times

Speaking of Russia, our reporters learned that Mr Trump repeatedly urged the Senate Republicans during the summer to end the Intelligence Committee investigation into Russian interference. The requests were a very unusual intervention of a president in a legislative investigation involving his family and close associates.

Mea culpa. Kinda went out.

• Our journalists analyzed the excuses – and excuses – of high profile men who were charged with sexual misconduct. Look at the different reactions of the men here.

Powerful men continue to be charged with sexual harassment and assault, and reacted by accepting, covering, or dodging allegations Posted on Nov. 30, 2017

Thursday, the former NBC presenter, Matt Lauer, has apologized, and fans of "Today" processed the information. "I am very disappointed with him," said one of them

House leaders called on Representative John Conyers Jr. to resign from Congress, and charges were against two other personalities: Russell Simmons, mogul hip-hop who co-founded Def Jam Records, and playwright Israel Horovitz.

The Times started a newsletter, The #MeToo Moment, in which our editor-in-chief, Jessica Bennett, will offer updates and analysis . Register here

NBC fired Matt Lauer this week after allegations of inappropriate behavior. In a statement, he expressed "sorrow and regret for the pain I caused." Credit NBCU stock photos, via Getty Images

Immigrant acquitted in the case invoked by Trump

• An undocumented Mexican immigrant was cleared of murder and manslaughter during the murder of a woman from San Francisco in 2015

Quoted by Donald Trump during his campaign, the death of Kathryn Steinle fueled a debate over whether immigrants without legal status should be treated more aggressively. The immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, had been expelled five times

After the verdict on Thursday, an American customs officer said that the agency "would work to take the guard of Mr. Garcia Zarate and finally remove it from the country. "

" The Daily ": The problem of billions of dollars of taxes

Listen on a computer , an iOS device or an Android device

The Emperor Akihito will step down on April 30, 2019, announced today the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This will be the first abdication by a Japanese monarch in two centuries. The emperor, photographed in November, said last year that he was planning to retire before his death. He is 83 years old. Credit Kazuhiro Nogi / Agence France-Presse – Getty Images


One of the longest periods of stock market expansion continued on Thursday, the Dow Jones industrial average having surpassed for the first time first time 24,000.

an overview of US equities and global markets.

The largest battery in the world was lit today in Australia. The size of a football field, it was built by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, and can power 30,000 homes

You'll probably pay more for your Christmas tree this year

A lot of Christmas tree in Idaho Falls, Idaho. A shortage of trees this year can be attributed to the recession in 2008. Credit John Roark / The Post-Register of Idaho, via Associated Press

Living Smarter

Tips, both old and new, for a more fulfilling life.

How to clean holiday stains, including sauce, wine … and blood.

Exercise Can Improve Cerebral Training

Recipe of the Day: This weekend, surprise someone One with a homemade ginger cake


The Seven New Wonders of the World. ]

In today's 360 video, visit the sites and monuments selected in 2007 as additions to the original list named in 250 BC


The Great Wall o China was built over a period of 1800 years to protect against invaders. Published on Dec. 1, 2017 Photo credit by Robb Kendrick for the New York Times

In memoriam.

Jim Nabors found celebrity as the kindly bumpkin of television Gomer Pyle, initially in a supporting role on "The Andy Griffith Show" in 1962. With slogans like "shazam!" And "gawwwleee", the character gave his own series. Mr. Nabors was 87 years old.

Ready for the weekend.

In cinema, our critic says "The Shape of Water", directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, is "quite wonderful." (You can find all our new movie reviews here.)

We recommend 12 new books, as well as what to watch on TV depending on the time you have available.

And our music critics rate this year's holiday harvest, including Gwen Stefani and Herb Alpert

The Top 10 Books of 2017.


The World Cup Draw

The football tournament starts in June, but the 32 teams will be divided into groups at 10 am a ceremony at the Kremlin. (Russia is the host of next year.)

Follow our live briefing and read the breakdown of each team.

Best of late-night TV.

Jimmy Kimmel takes it to Roy Moore, the Senate candidate in Alabama, about Christian values.

Quote of the day.

"He was a good mentor"

Jocelyn Meinhardt who said that when he was 19 when he was raped she was raped began a summer fellowship in 1989 with the Israeli playwright Horovitz Mr. Horovitz was accused by nine women of sexual misconduct.

History of Return

It is considered the highest art form of its class, and high reward.It is incredibly light and larger than large.The zest of Citrus adorned with jewels is the (dried) cherry on top.

Of course we are talking about panettone (pronounced bread-eh-TOH-nee), the traditional Italian bread served around Christmas. Cake-shaped cake boxes around the world are deeply rooted in Milanese folklore dating back to the Middle Ages.

[1 9459028]

Seasonal treat with Italian origins. Credit A Rong Xu for the New York Times

A legend of its origin implies love from a noble for the daughter of a baker named Toni. Forbidden to marry him, the nobleman disguised himself and went to work for the baker, creating a new bread to impress the woman, made with butter, eggs and candied fruit. The bread was so successful at the court, a new dessert was named in his honor – pan del Ton – and the noble was allowed to marry the girl.

Five hundred years later, the panettone canned version became widely available. Home-made panettone is notoriously difficult: Buttering a few degrees too hot can turn the dough into porridge

But the proof of the pudding is when eating.

"It melts in your mouth and suddenly it's gone," a baker told The Times, "And then you want to eat more."

Remy Tumin contributed to the report


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