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Hello, on this beautiful Monday

This is the time of the day. year to come together and help those in need.

There are New Yorkers, however, who do this all year

Every December, for the New York Today of the year, we ask the readers to share the stories of Among the people we met in 2016: A firefighter led the fire department's efforts to recruit more women; a survivor of ovarian cancer helping others in battle; an English teacher working with children who have spent time with foster families or in prison; a lawyer who supports refugees and immigrants; and a psychologist improving the tense relationship between police and adolescents.

You can name someone for New Yorkers of the year this year at the bottom of the column today. To help you think about the candidates, we asked the past winners what they think is important to be a great New Yorker.

What makes a New York supermodel?

"People who do not have the company titles or political positions to generate change, but still committed and successful to improve the lives of people in our city thanks to their existence and their daily work, "said Luis Mancheno, the lawyer.

"Someone who appreciates the diversity of our city, but not in a banal or calculated way," said Lenora B. Fulani, the psychologist. "To appreciate the diversity of our city means that we have rich and poor, elites and ordinary people, celebrities and mothers, and that this city belongs to us all."

] What are the qualities that come to mind? ?

"The quality that makes a New Yorker of the year is to see a need and, ignoring the obstacles, go ahead to try to fill that. need, "said Valerie Goldfein, Women's Health

" Hardworking, caring, generous of his time and his financial offers, "said Jackie-Michelle Martinez, the firefighter.

"A wonderful quality of the best New Yorkers is that we feel like the city is ours and treats it as such," said Lee Gabay, the teacher. "We are protective and encouraging and very encouraging of those who share our love of the city and its people."

Here is what else happens:


We name Mother Nature.

(For today, at least.)

A dazzling sky and a height of about 50 on Monday, with a more cloudy and cool evening in front. Enjoy a walk outside while you can; the next few days look lucky.

In the News

Once nicknamed the "Boulevard of Death", not a single pedestrian or cyclist was killed on Queens Boulevard since 2014. [New York Times]

A fight early Sunday morning on a parking spot in Queens has become deadly. [New York Times]

To the chagrin of his loved ones, the leader of a Caribbean fast food empire was found dead Saturday in his Bronx office. [New York Times]

A hunter from the north of the country accused of shooting down his neighbor after confusing a deer was charged with homicide at the second degree. [New York Times]

Occupy the grief that accompanies homelessness. [New York Times]

The Metropolitan Opera suspended James Levine, his famous conductor, after three men accused him of having sexually abused from them when they were teenagers. [New York Times]

A Yonkers man whose police claim to have assaulted an elderly resident of a Jewish retirement home in the Bronx has been charged with a crime of hatred. [NBC New York]

A petition asks the Met to remove a painting that the objectors say sexualize a child. [New York Post]

The work of an 800-foot tower in East Midtown, under construction for six months, was halted last week following a City Council vote to limit skyscrapers. region. [The Wall Street Journal]

After some 30 years of service to others, a broken finger left him the one who needed help. [New York Times]

Today's metropolitan newspaper: "Sit down, the officer says"

For an overview of what is happening, see Your

Coming up today

Artists Share Innovative Videos on the Crisis of AIDS in "Alternate Ends, Radical Beginnings" at the Schomburg Center for Black Culture Research in Harlem. 18.30. [Free]

"Generation Women", a literary salon where women of all ages share stories that will make you laugh, cry and think, in Caveat, in the Lower East Side . 19h00 [$25]

"French literature in the making", a conversation in French with the author Cécile Coulon and the journalist Olivier Barrot, at the French House of the 39, New York University. 19:00 [Free]

• On Randy Cohen's show, "Person Place Thing", he greets Cedric Alexander, the deputy mayor of Rochester and former member of the group of President Barack Obama's work at the 21st Century Police, at the New York Baha's Center in Greenwich Village. 19:30 [Free]

The American Classical Orchestra and the choir perform a holiday program – "Messiah" by Handel and "Magnificat" by Bach – at the same time. St. Ignace Church of Antioch in the Upper West Side. 20 hours [Tickets start at $25]

Knicks at Pacers, 19h. (MGS). Filets with hawks, 7:30 pm (YES). Islanders at the Panthers, 7:30 pm (MSG +)

Alternative parking remains in effect until December 8th.

For more events, see The New York

And finally …

Who are the personalities or groups that are, in your eyes, the New Yorkers of New York Today 's year?

Complete the form below before Friday, December 8th.

It could be locals who have shaped the city, initiated dialogue, inspired their communities or placed others in first position in difficult situations. We ask that you look beyond your immediate family and close friends in the nomination, but please, encourage relatives and neighbors to participate.

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