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Mayor Bill de Blasio won yesterday a second victory. (And Philip D. Murphy, former Wall Street banker, will replace Chris Christie as governor of New Jersey.)

Among the promises of the mayor of Blasio in the next four years: the creation of thousands of homes affordable, More friendly police service and free kindergarten for 3-year-olds

New York Today readers asked: What do you want our next mayor to accomplish in the next four years? ? Here's what some of your neighbors said:

"Make New York a place where all residents can walk, ride bikes and use fast and reliable transportation throughout the city."

– Avinoam Baral, 24, Manhattan

"Improving the subway system, it's really frustrating."

– John White, 27, Brooklyn

"Improving Traffic in Manhattan and Facilitating Congestion."

– William J. Fleming, 78, Bronx

"Bearing a bottling up a pricing plan that will charge drivers, taxis and drivers of the traffic. actions that enter Manhattan's busiest district (south of 59th Street) and the toll bridges and tunnels appropriately. "

– Brennan Ortiz, Bronx

"New York is a hard city to live without money, and the next mayor must continue education, housing, access to health care and the minimum wage for to ensure that it becomes the highest ranked city in America for economic mobility, which measures the American dream. "

– Eóin Cunningham, 37 years old, Brooklyn

Well said

Here is what happens on the other:


A beautiful but beautiful Wednesday

It may be as cold as 30 or 40 degrees when you leave this morning – especially with the breeze – but the top should climb at 50 and the sun should take off.

The same shrapk on Thursday, but you'll want to dust off your winter coat by Friday.

In the l '; news

New Yorkers rejected the opportunity to revise the constitution constitution at a constitutional convention. [New York Times]

] The results of the tight City Council competitions could shape the race for the next speaker, and they showed the strength of the victory Mr. de Blasio [New York Times]

Tim Sini, a Democrat, won the race for Suffolk County District Attorney, an office tarnished by a recent scandal. [New York Times]

In Westchester and Nassau counties, Democrats removed the county's executive seats from Republicans, in part because of anti-Trump sentiment. [New York Times]

In Norman Seabrook's lawsuit, the closing arguments related to the contents of a sack: $ 60,000 bribes or a gift Cuban cigars? [New York Times]

After fleeing postwar Vietnam on a fishing boat, a family finally had the opportunity to thank the merchant sailor who found them at sea. [New York Times]

The lack of diversity among elected officials has aroused reactions from black and Latin American leaders, particularly in the race to the Presidency of the City Council. [New York Times]

After being refused visas by United Arab Emirates authorities, journalism professors at New York University refuse 39, teach at the campus of Abu Dhabi. [New York Times]

A federal judge will decide if a Queens developer broke the law when he destroyed a building with colorful murals of artists. [New York Times]

With advertisements and organizing campaigns, municipal officials will begin to remind the public not to feed wildlife. [CBS New York]

A video surfaced of a M.T.A. a worker kicks and drags a drunk passenger from a subway train. [New York Post]

Today's Metropolitan Journal: "Giving an Elevator to the Playwright"

For a global look at what is happening, see Your

Coming up today

The Mobile Unit of the Public Theater Performs "The Winter & # "Tale", a Shakespeare romance with tragedy and comedy, at the Brownsville Recreation Center in Brooklyn. 11:30 [Free]

Singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III plays and speaks with Randy Cohen, as part of the series "Person, Place, Thing", at KGB Bar in the East Village. 18.30. [Tickets start at $15]

"The Stigmatization of the" Wicked Woman ", a roundtable being part of a celebration of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in New York, at the Brooklyn Historical Society 6:30 pm [$5]

The New York Comedy Festival continues with performances by Caroline, Gotham Comedy Club and Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, and Bell House, Union Hall and Gutter Bar in Brooklyn.

Looking Ahead: Thursday, New York Times Journalists Who Covered Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Harassment Cases, Bill O & Reilly and others join TimesTalks to discuss the exhibition of men abuse of power.

Knicks at Magic, 19 hours (MSG The Rangers greet the Bruins at 8 pm

Alternate parking atif remains in effect until Friday

For more events, see The New York Times Arts

And finally …

Can you imagine the local art and architecture made of cans?

Canstruction, an annual contest and exhibition of unusual shapes, statues and towers built from boxes full of food, returned to Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan. The event, now in its 25th year, aims to spark discussion about access to food and raise awareness of hunger. Architects, engineers and design students who created life-size structures competed this week for titles such as "Most Cans", "Best Use of Labels" and "Ingenuity Structural".

(The structure with the most boxes had 7,250).

Stop this year and you may see a tree made of cans. Or maybe a pineapple, a Pokémon or a Pacman, to name a few.

You can view the exhibition any day of the week, until November 15 from 10am to 8pm, except the day of the closing, which ends at 6pm

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