[HOT] – Prime Minister Announces Spain Will Remove Catalonia’s Leader

MADRID – In an unexpected attempt to put an end to Catalan secessionism, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain announced Saturday that it was going to begin the process of dismissal of the separatist leader of the region, Carles Puigdemont,

After convening an emergency meeting of the Spanish cabinet, M Rajoy announced the process of starting to take back control of the independence-based region by invoking Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution – a broad instrument that has already been threatened before but which does not have the same effect. was never used

. Rajoy said that the Catalan government has never offered any real dialogue with the central government of Madrid, but that he instead has tried to impose his secessionist project in violation of the Spanish Constitution.

He said that his government was putting an end to a unilateral process. to the law and the search for confrontation "because" no government of a democratic country can accept that the law is violated, ignored and changed. "

Mr. Rajoy added," What I faced was something that I have never faced in my many years in politics, but I did not choose my interlocutor. "

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