[HOT] – Right and Left React to a Prospective DACA Deal Between Trump and the Democrats

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The Run-Up

The podcast that has a sense of the most delusional part of the campaign of 2016. John Podhoretz in Commentary:

With this agreement, Trump betrayed his main disciples and a significant campaign promise – such a shift since the first President Bush returned on his "Read my lips, no new taxes".

Sir. Podhoretz says he supports President Trump's move to enter into an agreement with the Democrats to replace the delayed adoption of the Obama program on the arrival of children who temporarily protect 800,000 immigrant youth in the United States of an illegal deportation. But he nevertheless sees it as a betrayal of the main supporters of the president. Mr. Trump "abandons his true believers in favor of an explicitly anti-ideological and anti-party approach," he wrote. Mr. Podhoretz does not see a great strategy in the president 's plans: "He is not a systematic man." He is an improviser. "Read more»


Robert Law in The Hill:

"The ascent of Trump is likely going back to the decision of Obama to grant unilaterally the" Amnesty to a part of the illegal foreign population "

Sir. Law works for FAIR, a group that advocates policies that would restrict immigration to the United States. In this piece, he reviews the recent legislative history around the so-called immigrant class Dreamer and its political implications. Mr. Law also proposes border security measures, immigration monitoring provisions and limited amnesty conditions that he would consider palliative for Conservatives in any negotiation.


More information about this worker Advertisement About the Theater: "With a stroke of the pen, Trump could simply lead the IRS to favor US companies hiring legally authorized persons to work in the US This policy of affirmative wage deduction (AWD) would lead to an instantaneous exodus of money, undocumented immigrants, potentially recover billions of dollars in federal tax subsidies and disable the job magnet that is now attracting thousands of illegal immigrants to break our borders.

Sir. Barulich finds an alternative to adopting immigration policy changes in the legislative process by reviewing the tax code. With a specificity, it offers the regulatory efforts it supports would lead to "millions of illegal immigrants employed in the hospitality, meat, agriculture, construction and clothing "being" replaced by citizens ". His prescriptive argument: "The president should stop blaming Congress for inaction on the concrete wall. He should keep his promise to his followers and sign an executive order to create this "great and magnificent digital wall." Ben Mathis-Lilley and Osita Nwanevu in Slate:

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From left to right

"There is no particular way for Democrats to proactively win political capital"

The analysts of Slate focused on the Democrats' perspective, political ramifications and the likelihood of obtaining privileged strategic outcomes through a potential bipartisan agreement with the Trump administration. The writers suggest that Democrats "have political capital to spare at this time, especially on an issue that could eventually depress the enthusiasm of the extreme right." But ultimately they advise caution, arguing that even a political and political victory for the Democrats risks causing Mr. Trump to take another undesirable action "just to appease the more enraged factions of his base." Read more »

César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández interviewed with Jacobin: Reagan administration in the Clinton years, the Bush years and the years of Obama, we have exorbitantly linked the criminal justice system to the immigration system. As a result, we have stacked an immigration law enforcement apparatus on top of a racially-enforced criminal law enforcement apparatus and, surprisingly, leads to a law enforcement apparatus in the matter of racial immigration. "

Professor Hernández of the University of Denver studies the intersection Criminal Law and Immigration Law to his blog Crimmigation.In this interview – published just before the news of the negotiations on immigration are made public – it examines at length the legal constructions in which s & The current debate, in particular the "right of immigration to foreigners that has existed for several years, good immigrants and" bad "immigrants." Professor Hernandez argues that "making assessments of the policy of the moral value of individuals is really slippery because we are talking about people. People are not easy to characterize; We are a mixture of good and bad. "

The editorial board of The Los Angeles Times: "Trump should put aside his insistence on his stupid wall – which even many of his Republican Republicans reject as useless and overly costly – and put dreamers well ahead of his bad-advised campaign promises.

The editorial board clearly states: "We hope that the president and leaders of both parties in Congress will find a way to make it work. "They quote the equity and the allusion to the public poll which says that" most Americans "agree with a path to citizenship for this cohort. They point out that "these are people, after all, who have often spent little time in the country where they were born, speak only English and were raised as Americans. To be eligible for DCAD protections, they had to be at school or graduated or had been in the army.

Rick Klein and MaryAlice Parks in the ABC News The world according to Donald J. Trump is a constantly evolving place, filled with tenuous alliances and tendentious agreements that can be more or less. at first sight. In pursuit of an agreement with Democrats on hot immigration issues, Trump is a defensive force in both parties in a way that is fundamental to their identity. "

ABC analysts look at the political stakes for congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle. They say that President Trump has" is not in bipartisanship, but in the reduction of agreements that increase one's own situation. By bringing Pelosi and Schumer closer, he could box them. "For the Republicans, the calculation seems a little more obvious: Mr. Trump" puts aside a promise of key campaign in the " "

David Graham in the Interpretation of a Proposal that Residents of Immigration consider an apostasy. "The position of Trump on DACA has been softening for some time, but his apparent deal with Pelosi and Schumer, and his tweeted support to allow Dreamers to do so."

remain, to cement a monumental change. "

Mr. Graham looks at his reports of the 2016 campaign track to understand some of the anger and frustration with the apparent change in the political positions of the Trump administration.As a man said in Fayetteville, NC, said at the time: "Everyone is a puppet." He says what he means. the rest are controlled by a correct policy. "Mr. Graham compiles citations like these alongside statements made at the Trump campaign rallies and concludes that" it turns out that the candidate's rude rhetoric " 39 was truly a rhetoric, and Trump is not really different. "

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