[HOT] – Southern California Fires Live Updates: ‘We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet’

VENTURA, Calif. – The rapid fires that forced thousands of Californians to evacuate their homes swept the southern part of the state on Friday, destroying buildings and taxing fire crews who worked for days.

Evacuated in San Diego County, where a fire of 4,100 acres was confined to only 15% Friday night, said to quickly encroach on flames that made at least six wounded, horses from Prized run and dozens of ruined houses.

"I was evacuated," said Paul Anderson, who left his home in San Diego County on Thursday. "About four police cars are rolling in the neighborhood." Exit! "

The fire of Mr. Anderson was ignited last Friday in the south of California, including a shootout near Alpine in the Cleveland National Forest and a fire in Ventura County that killed at least one person, burned 143,000 acres and destroyed more than 400 buildings – including at least 150 homes.

Authorities stated that the Ventura fire was threatening the homes of the exclusive Ojai enclave to the Ventura Hills. Yet, they said Friday that the conditions have improved, and they have allowed many residents of the cities of Ventura and Santa Paula to return home.

President Trump said Friday the state of federal emergency in California. . His statement, which Governor Jerry Brown had requested, allows federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts.

Friday night, the County of Ventura Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the first fire-related death this week. In a statement, the medical examiner said the remains of Virginia Pesola, 70, of Santa Paula, were found at the site of a car accident on an evacuation road.

"This fire continues to continue," said Captain Israel Pinzon, spokesman for the National Fire Agency

A new fire adds to the worries

The first estimates of the fire in the Cleveland National Forest. "We are now launching a lot of equipment on this fire, both from the air and from the ground" Captain Kendal Bortisser, a spokesman for the National Fire Agency

County, was also competing with the biggest fire that broke out Thursday near Bonsall.

"We are not out of the woods yet," said Dianne Jacob, chair of the San Diego County Board of Trustees, "We must remain vigilant and be prepared."

Jacob said that mobile homes owned by seniors were among the destroyed buildings, and officials of the & # 39; state said that & # 39; about 25 racehorses died Thursday as flames engulfed the barn into a center of & # 39; drive home to about 500 horses. said in a statement that workers "were risking their lives in efforts to release horses", and that many animals had been introduced to safer land or had been housed at a nearby racetrack. Other horses remained missing on Friday.

The county sheriff estimated that 10,000 people had been evacuated. On Friday night, officials announced that some of them could return home.

Mary Gallagher, 81, a retired Warden, was evacuated not once, but twice on Thursday at Fallbrook High School. She then fled to a shelter in Escondido, about 30 miles south

She said that she had "maybe an hour or two" of sleep Thursday night, blaming the bed and worries of her house

"These are the winds," she says, "the winds were terrible."

"Surrounded by fire" at Ojai

The 143,000-acre fire in Ventura County challenges tired firefighters. The flames spread into the Los Padres National Forest and spread to the border of Santa Barbara County

Residents of both counties were given the order. evacuate, more than 90 buildings were destroyed and the Holiday Spirit Parade scheduled for Saturday

The Ventura County Fire Department said on Twitter that teams were working "long hours on extremely steep, dry terrain and rugged, full of fuel stressed by drought. "

Hills devoured around Ojai, a small interior town dotted with villas and known for its music festival. Fire crews worked all night in the wooded hills of the Ojai Valley in the midst of gusts of wind.

"They are surrounded by fire," said Captain Pinzon at Ojai

the fire had created unsafe air quality levels in the region. Ojai who were "out of the cards", and suggested that residents stay inside with the windows closed

In Bel-Air, a chance to return home

Thursday At night, several local and state officials said they were encouraged by the improved conditions in the city and Los Angeles County. As a result, officials have announced that some Angelenos would be allowed to return home from Thursday night.

The goal in the Bel-Air Hills was to dig hot embers and cool hot spots that could easily ignite. It was easy to see how fast the neighborhood could go up in flames: the sprawling properties in the narrow streets were surrounded by towering elms and bitterly dry pine needles. Blackened embers of tree trunks had tumbled – one had hit a firefighter and burned his neck.

Many of the iron gates that protected the mansions had been broken by firefighters who had to go to the slopes. below. Some aisles were covered with splash of rose from the flame retardant that had been spilled by the aircraft.

Capt. Brian Ferreira, an Oakland firefighter, had helped clean up a hill near a cellar owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. While small parcels of the hill and wine storage had suffered some damage, most of the vineyards looked good, he said.

"Rupert will be happy to hear that, he has paid a lot of money for this property," said Hugh Siegman, 71, who lives just above the cellar

Reporters Take on a New Role

Flames ravaged Los Angeles stars in a multi-fire urban battle that could compete with a disaster film plot from a studio. Hollywood, their profession, set aside in the era of applications and integrated navigation, is stimulated by what technology still does not have: human judgment

Journalists have spent days navigating at home and protecting them with tips beyond turning bends.When a road may appear open on an electronic map, it can actually be under the control of A miasma of smoke too painful to breathe.A side street may seem convenient cable, but just out of sight, a fire could fall on the ground.

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