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Starting next year, girls may decide to to become a scout or scout. But a handful of girls – secretly – have already made this decision

In the episode of today:

How a 10 year old girl took a step ahead by joining a boys only club. And why her twin sister decided to stay with the girls. We talk with Elsa and Clio Moock, and their father, Alastair.

This is a special Sunday episode of the "Daily for Kids". The Times issue features a special print section for kids that will be published monthly starting next year. You can take it on newsstands or by subscribing to the Times home delivery.

To be discussed:

These are some of the issues raised in The episode today, that parents may want to chat with their children after listening together.

• Do you feel more childish or younger?

• Do you think girls should be allowed in Scouts?

• Do you think girls and boys need their own spaces? [1945908]

Elsa Moock was a Scout for two years Photo credit: Courtesy by Jane Roper

• Did you think that the terms "bo yish" and "girlish" are good terms?

• Do you have the impression that assumptions are made about you based on these terms and assumptions about the types of activities? You want to do?

• Do you think boys should be allowed in Girl Scouts?


• Things that the Boys could learn from Girl Scouts

opinion of a 10-year-old ] about how she decided to change the Girl Scouts.

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