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Basim Razzo lost his family and his home in an air raid of the US-led coalition and fighting the Islamic State. The video of the strike shows a target hit with military precision

Why was Mr. Razzo's house targeted?

In the episode of today:

• Basim Razzo, who survived an air raid on his house in Mosul , in Iraq.

• Azmat Khan, an investigative journalist who spent 18 months investigating civilian casualties in the war against the Islamic State

Reading Background :

• The show today is the second of two parts on civilian casualties in Iraq. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

• The investigation of Ms. Khan and Anand Gopal, at the center of this week's Times Magazine, concludes that one in five strikes in the results of the American campaign in the deaths of civilians, a rate more than 31 times higher than that recognized.

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