[HOT] – Trump Confirms Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers’


WASHINGTON – President Trump said Thursday morning that he supports a law that would protect undocumented immigrant youth from deportation and produce a "massive" border security with a wall on the southern border.

This seemed to confirm the general parameters of an agreement that Democratic leaders announced that they had been put on Wednesday Wednesday during the White House.

In remarks to reporters as he left the White House on Thursday, Trump said: "We are working on a plan for DACA," referring to the protection of immigrants who are part of the program, 39; delayed action for infant arrivals.

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Sir. Trump's comments contradicted his own Twitter messages early Thursday morning, when he said: "No agreement was made last night on DACA."

While Mr. Trump and Democratic leaders are willing to support legislation to protect undocumented immigrant youth, any proposal would need the support of the Republicans, who control the House and the Senate.

On Thursday morning, the president said that it would take a broader agreement to get the US border to complete any agreement on immigrant protection. Democrats said the Wednesday dinner agreement did not include funding for the border wall between the United States and Mexico, a top priority of the Trump administration – prompting immediate criticism of some members of the president's party. Mr. Trump confirmed it on Thursday too, saying: "The wall will come later".

Senator Chuck Schumer, a minority leader of the New York Senate, and Representative Nancy Pelosi, a minority leader in California, issued a joint statement Thursday saying there was no of "final contract".

"President Trump's tweets are not inconsistent with the agreement reached last night," said Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi. "As we said last night, there was no final agreement, but there was an agreement" that Mr. Trump would support a law for DCA protections.

"What remains to be negotiated is the detail of security at the border with a common goal of finalizing all the details as soon as possible," Democratic leaders said. "While both sides agreed that the wall would not be part of this agreement, the president said he intends to pursue it later, and we made it clear that we would continue to oppose it. "

Mr President. Trump's messages on Twitter apparently shot down reports of a DACA deal came after some Republicans criticized him for doing business with the Democrats, especially if the deal excludes the wall of border, which could jeopardize the support of its own base. Mr. Trump seemed to address this in a subsequent Twitter post: "The WALL, which is already under construction in the form of a new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built."

Later, he told reporters: "The wall will come later, we are renovating vast sections of walls, massive sections, which makes it brand new."

After Wednesday's dinner, the White House and the Democratic staff sought to clarify what came from the meeting.

Last Wednesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, tweeted that there was no agreement on dinner about " 39 "exclusion of the wall. Shortly after his position, Mr. Schumer 's director of communications tweeted that the wall was not part of the deal, but that Mr. Trump made it clear that he would continue pushing it.

In another pair of tweets Thursday morning, Mr. Trump asked if anyone really wanted to expel these young immigrants, raising more questions about the president's intentions for this program. On September 5, the President decided to end the DACA program and called on Congress to place a replacement.

Mr. Trump told Congress that he had six months to find a legislative solution to protect young immigrants that President Barack Obama has protected through an order. But Congress is striving to find a way to pass a law to give immigrant youths quick protection, and prospects for quick adoption of a replacement seem bleak at the end of Wednesday .

The program benefits about 800,000 immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children. This allows them to stay in the country and gives them the right to work legally without fear of immediate deportation.

Mr. Trump sent mixed messages about the program. He said he was going to finish and then gave Congress time to come up with a legislative solution after being widely criticized in the media for his decision to end the DACA. Mr. Trump also said that he had stated that he would reconsider the issue if Congress failed to act, even though his own attorney general declared the program unconstitutional.

Wednesday's dinner followed a meeting of the Oval Office last week with democratic leadership when Mr. Trump opposed the Democrats about the debt ceiling – compared to the objections of Republicans and their own Treasury Secretary.

The Conservatives attacked Mr. Trump after Wednesday's reported operation.

Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, wrote on Twitter that if the reports were true, "Trump's base is exploded, destroyed, irreparable and disillusioned beyond repair. "

The title" Amnesty Don "led the Breitbart website, led by Mr. Trump's former chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.

After dinner, while cable news channels and websites were reporting prospects for an agreement, Mr. Trump took to Twitter to review a favorite topic, "Crooked Hillary" , his pseudo for his former presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.

"Crooked Hillary Clinton hurts everyone (and everything) but herself for her electoral loss," said Mr. Trump tweeted.

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